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Useful and Practical Decor with Kleenex Style

Spring season is here and I love decorating!
I truly believe that the way you decorate
your home is a way of expressing 
who you are.
I also enjoy decorating with unique art pieces
 either mine or someone elses.

I recently found out these cute new designs by Kleenex Style Studio.
There are so many different and adorable styles 
and maybe even a few that'll take you by surprise!

But you got to admit this one with the owl is so cute, 
I want to hang a picture of it on my wall!

I do not use baby wipes all the time when I diaper change Gianni.
They usually have a lot of alcohol and fragrances that can irritate his skin.
My pediatrician said sometimes a tissue can clean much better!

You have to admit: this ain't no ordinary decorative tissue box!

In my bathroom I bought this style cause I think it goes better with
the decor that I have there.

I dont use makeup remover wipes because 
I make my own makeup remover as you may have seen HERE.
Kleenex tissue is the softest on my skin.
After all, Kleenex started out as facial tissue for removing makeup.

I encourage you to take their Personal Style Quiz so you can decide which Kleenex design suits you!
Thank you Kleenex for sponsoring this post and keeping my home practical and stylish!


Young At Heart Mommy said...

I picked the adorable owl design too! It was my favorite and I think with the variety of colors it can be placed in any room to liven up the decor. Kleenex are a must have for the girly girl :)

Natasha said...

What a cute design! They compliment your decor theme perfectly! :) Great post!

Gladys J said...

Great idea on using Kleenex instead of wet wipes! Love the designs you picked ;)
XO, The Mother Overload


love the designs! the fit perfectly with your home decoration. beautiful.

Karina Fernández said...

Me encanta estos nuevos diseños.

María Machuca (Lennie) said...

I love the designs. They are really beautiful and versatile.

Diana Rodriguez said...

I love it! You so cute!

Veronica Cervera said...

Uy, que bella esa caja con la lechuza!!!

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

que lindo este diseno del buhito!

Laura Rodriguez said...

Es verdad! la cajita es muy decorativa y va muy bien con el estilo de tu casa. Muy lindo post!

Adriana Db said...

Me encantan los diseños de Kleenex, ese del bhuo esta precioso, y combina muy bien en tu hogar!

Comiendo en LA said...

Qué bonitos están los diseños! Me encantó el d ellos búhos.

S. Yissele said...

I love the new designs! Thank you so much for the ideas and information!


Bohemian Babushka said...

WHOd of thought a Kleenex box could be so cute. Sorry for the joke, could't help myself. ; ) Beautiful designs you picked muchachita, i like, i like. BB2U

Maybelline Valenti said...

Que bonitos diseños que escogiste!.. LOVE THE OWL!

Diana said...

I was looking for the owl design everywhere! So lucky you got it.

Sahily Perez said...

Love the way you decorate your home! Very cute!