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Cocktail evening reception

Trending: Negative Space Nails

I have been having the worst time with my nails lately. Every single time I paint them within hours, (that's right, HOURS!) My nail polish is chipped.
As a mom I hardly have time to brush my hair, which I hardly ever do, but still...the last thing I need is spending two hours to get my nails done for it to last literally nothing. Annoying.

Today, surprisingly enough I happen to have a couple minutes while I had my morning mate to browse through my new InStyle mag and this trend definitely caught my attention. It looks delicate and quite an attention grabber. Don't you think?

As you can see, my nails are never the same length because of all the chipping and breakage, so this trend helps me look like my nails are done and shift the attention from my sad looking nail to the negative huh?

What other trends have caught your eye recently?