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5 shades of matte

Ok, so it's really only four shades of matte, and one that is glossy, which makes me wonder...this post should've been named " four mattes and a glossy"...
ooh well! I know for a fact that you ( yes, you who reads this blog) already know by now how crazy, and aloof I can be, to the point I sometimes forget what day it is ( my last post is the perfect proof of this).
Anyhoo, I have a new obsession...
My obsessions change from time to time...
I am so loving matte right now! 
 I just think it really draws attention to your lips.

Which one of these shades from Revlon do you like best?

1.Nude Attitude matte
2.Smoked Peach matte
3.Sky Pink matte
4.Stormy Pink matte
5.Kiss Me Coral creme (glossy)


Alina Allread said...

The fifth pic is the best- you look amazing in the nude with the rosy cheeks!

Genya Polianskaia said...

love the lippies!!

Genya Polianskaia said...

love the lippies!!

Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

you are so cute. i like anything on you. missing you my friend. i bought the black cherry by revlon love it.

Gitanas said...

Omg, the black cherry must be gorgeous on you!!!