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It's MY Birthday

It's so crazy...
A few days back my husband was letting me know
 that he was having a really hard time finding a gift for me.
I felt sad.
I know I can be very picky with clothes, and I have a very specific, yet random style but, 
I was beginning to wonder,
 if my husband knew me at all.
How could he NOT know what to give me??
I thought to myself:
I couldn't believe he wasn't thinking of buying me a CD of the music that I listened to the most...
or anything from one of my favorite stores Anthropologie,
 which we have gone to a million times and I like almost every single thing there...
I tried mentioning that I loved Guess...
but he usually never hits the spot on garments I like.
Every time we go to a bookstore, I always go to the same section : Beauty and Style
So, how could he not know what to buy for me on 
My Birthday??

I wish that he could've been there to see my face as I opened each and every gift.
I literally got shivers all through my body.
I do not know if it was because of the excitement of having at last these beautiful gifts
or because of having the confirmation
that he DOES listen... 
he really knows me after all.
I love you babe, and there is no better gift
thank having YOU in my life!


Lina Mayorga said...

Happy Birthday bby!
Nice gifts!
God bless you!

Charlotte Goodayle said...

Happy birthday!!

Marcelo said...

This just made my day too...

Marcelo said...

This just made my day too...

Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

Happy Birthday love you deserve it.

Sofia Keck said...

I wonder the same thing every year and some how the hubby manages to deliver. I'm glad you had a wonderful bday!