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From Gaga to BuBu.

I am soooo frustrada! Where is my lady Gaga?? Yeap, I mean this one right here, the one who was so freaking retro and cute, with an amazing backside,and some meat on her bones. One thing is for sure, that Gaga is looong gone, leaving all of her fans solos y desesperados, ugh!
She had to give in to advertising, the one that probably thought it was a "cool" idea to sell her as a freak, so called monster or whatever it is they are trying so hard promote her as.
Come on girl! You know you are NOT a monster or that much of a freak than a lot of people. Lets do this, keep your bow wig on and keep rockin, we love you just the way you are, well....were. :(


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Soo true = / distes en el clavo con lo de GAGA