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Five secrets to look younger

We all want to look one can deny that.
We all want to look fresh, glowy and healthy.
Some say these "looks" come from within depending on how happy you really are.
I think is a combination of this PLUS a few simple tricks I have learned along the way.

1.Fuller Eyebrows

It is a proven fact that eyebrow hair can thin from aging just like scalp hair does. It is a result form years of plucking, rubbing or painting them with pencils and makeup.
Go dig some old photos of yourself when you were a teenager and there is a high chance you had fuller eyebrows and now you don't, either because you repeatedly plucked them because thinner eyebrows were "in" or because they naturally thinned out.
So, I think if you stop plucking them thin...and maybe let them grow fuller you will get a more youthful effect.

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2.Less Makeup
Do you remember when you were in your teens and at last were allowed to put makeup and you felt all grown up!!? I can!! I remember reading magazines for hours and hours learning all the secrets for great makeup.
When I finally was allowed to go out with makeup on, of course I went a little overboard with it ( at the time I felt fabulous) and I have noticed that with age, the less makeup you put on, the more natural, younger and  fresh you will look. Dark eye shadows and lipsticks can harden your features so try experimenting with lighter shades on the eyes, shiny plumping lip glosses and shimmery blushes that will give you that extra glow.This trick is wildly done by Cindy Crawford and Gwen Stefani that she wears red lipstick and little eye makeup or vice versa.

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  3.Fringes /Modern Haircut
Whether you are into this trend or not, I have found that is a great way to hide those frowning wrinkles if you are not willing to go the Botox route. Fringes were also very common when we were little girls so having some at this stage is wildly popular among celebrities and models to achieve a more youthful effect.
Changing your hairstyle is a great way to modernize your look. Darker hair colors can harden your features as well as bleached blondes can give you a washed out look. Going a little rich medium hues like dark chocolate, rich coppers and strawberry blondes will do the trick as well as a modern cut. A change will
always make you feel brand new...(glow from inside out!)

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4. Don't loose too much weight!
Sometimes is good to be a couple pounds heavier...(note I said "couple" not 10 to 15 pounds!)
If you have weighed 150 mostly throughout your life, I can assure you it is definitely a big no no to try to go 125 when you are close to your forties. It doesn't matter if you hit the gym and are super toned! Your face will suffer this weight loss and you will see more wrinkles. This does not apply to the case of a woman who has always gone to the gym and has always had the same weight. Sometimes being just a few pounds heavier can lift your skin a little and drastic weight loss can have a huge impact on skins elasticity.

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5. Dress for your age BUT...!

Obviously if you are in your late 30's you shouldn't be wearing what you wore on your 20's...However that doesn't mean you have to act up all serious and grown up! Let loose and have fun with your wardrobe...mix sophisticated with girly, elegant and fun...MIX- MATCH your actual age with how old you really feel inside (I'm hoping you feel younger!).
Gwen Stefani has fun with herself...she still plays up with her hairstyles and tries to have fun with her wardrobe as much as she can. and so do YOU!

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what age defying secrets can you share?


Ava Tettamanti said...

Sunscreen is your best friend:)

Unknown said...

moisturize... moisturize... moisturize...

and take off your make-up as soon as you get home. never sleep in a face all made-up.

Unknown said...

ohhh, and a meat-free diet also helps take off years off your complexion.

Bohemian Babushka said...

Great post. I especially love #4. Another trick? It always helps if your friends are 20 years older than you. ; )


Unknown said...

haha! totally agree with the girls above ...sunscreen, moisturize (but don't forget your hands and neck) :-D cool post!!!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Awesome post. I drink a lot of water. Or try to at least.

Sofia Keck said...

Farah, excellent post. One of my favorites from your blog. Those are really expert tips (I mean it). Well done!

ill say said...

Great tips! Something I was always told is to start taking care of your skin from an early age (ie. using anti wrinkle creams as preventive rather than as a solution).

Unknown said...

I just bought moisturizer!

Isabel Garcia said...

Fabulous tips to looking young!

Unknown said...

Great post! Definitely taking care of your skin using sunscreen, moisturizer and anti aging products will add to looking younger.

Unknown said...

Wonderful tips. I really enjoyed this post.

Ashley said...

Great tips! Loved the tips on dressing.

Unknown said...

I love your tips! Very easy to follow. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sunscreen and wine!! :)~

ahhhdri said...

loved all of your tips, sunscreen is a must!

Sujeiry said...

I remember being in my teens and early 20s and plucking away at my eyebrows. I thought they looked s cool! I also thought dark lipstick with lipliner looked hot. What was I thinking?! Lol. Great tips! @LoveSujeiry

Anonymous said...

I remember the days when my eyebrows were just a small line- letting them grow in is the BEST trick to look young!! Great post!!