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Dark Spot Solution

Happy Monday everyone!
Just wanted to make a quick post on two products that I highly recommend to erase dark spots.
Even though I love the beach and sunbathing, I have noticed that through the years, my face was covered with dark spots from the sun, and every time I dared to go to the beach without sunblock, I would get these dark patches, especially on top of my upper lip.
I was mortified.
This meant that if I ever wanted to have a tan, it would have to be from the neck down.
Tanned body, white face: Awkward!!
Still, that is just something I will have to deal with.
I discovered that a good makeup bronzer is something worth investing.
I had found the solution to that problem.
Still, My dark spots where there.

Palmers Skin Success is a Hydroquinone based cream that helped me erase my dark spots.
It has its fair share of bad reviews, as a suppose other great creams do too. Some don't like its smell, some say its toxic.
All I know is that at a cheap price, my dark patches were gone. and it didn't take me more that 5 months.

Concha de Nacar de perlop is a funny story. This cream is quite famous in Puerto Rico and other Spanish speaking countries and the ads for it were just so CORNY!
I still decided that I didn't have much to loose by giving it a try.
It consists of oyster shell powder which is known to aid in tissue regeneration, promoting and accelerating cell renewal.
It also contains lemon juice, salicilic acid among others.
Its recommended to be left for 30-60 minutes on your face.

A picture of me back in 2010.
You can easily see my dark spots.

With my mom back in 2010.
I had to use a lot of makeup, especially darker blush to try to disguise my patches.

Recent picture of me and my hubby.
Without a lot of makeup in plain sunlight

I have no expertise on beauty products.
I am just a woman who is willing to try PRODUCTS at an affordable price before going to the expensive ones...
I like to recommend what has really worked for me.
I am aware though that we all have different skin types and that our results may be completely different.
But we will never know that until we try them.


Unknown said...

Que bella pareja.

Maria Tettamanti said...

I'm going to try this for my face. Thanks for sharing!

Sofia Keck said...

How much % of Hydroquinone does it have? Amby has 2% quite good 4% is prescription stuff which is better but not recommended for sensitive skin. I get DS all the time :(

Unknown said...

mira la crema de perla

Andrea Ocampo said...

Thxs for the info. I have the same problem and was worried about the summer upon us bc of the sun always giving me dark spots. I'll give it a try.

Unknown said...

I used Concha Nacar all through my early teens. Made me feel grown up. Will have to look up the commercials, now! *lol* Love the pics with Mami y hubby. <3

Unknown said...

Ay nena thanks for posting this, will have to try them. I've been using ActiFade with not such great results. I don't have many dark spots, very few and tiny, just one bigger that I hate. I have been protecting my face from the sun for a many many years, because dark spots run in my mom's family so we have to be very careful.

Anonymous said...

Good to know!!!

Siempre me he cuidado la cara del sol, un buen bloqueador ayuda mucho!


Yadira said...

Bella, regia mi darling.

Nunca las he probado pero se que Palmer's tiene muy buena crema para las estrias so me imagino que sera genial para la cara.

Bohemian Babushka said...

"I have no expertise on beauty products. I am just a woman who is willing to try PRODUCTS at an affordable price before going to the expensive ones..."

Oh niña linda, BB's soooo there w/that statement! Those Dark Spots are from the sun? Glad to hear, thought it was liver spots from aging. jaha Either way, appreciate the recommendation and will try the creams.


P.S. You and your husband are very cute 2gether, in fotos & in person. Bendiciones siempre.

Notas de Mamá said...

I'll give a try. I love outdoor activities and I do have the dark spots. Thanks!

Jessica Hawtin said...

Wow! I love this post, you can really tell the difference.
What a little miracle

Jess x

Stefania B. said...

aqui en Italia se encuentran muy pocos productos de la palmer's pero las cremas para el cuerpo me gustan.

Unknown said...

The last cream I actually used for some really bad scarring I had on my back and it worked for sure!