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Scarface Mansion

Watching a Screening of Scarface on the actual Mansion where it was filmed was a real trip.
Almost surreal.
Being in a corner all night with a handful of new and awesome friends having Bacardi DragonBerry cocktails, listening to each song that was played in the movie and taking pictures with my new camera.....oh you can bet it will be a night to remember.

Elvira; " I don't fuck around with the *help*. "

What is your favorite Scarface quote?


Unknown said...

awww missing ya. LOL and no... not trying to hustle you to Savannah although I know it would love ya.

AutismWonderland said...


But I think my favorite line is -

Gina Montana: I like Fernando, he's a fun guy and he's nice... and he knows how to treat a woman.

Manny: [laughing] Knows how to treat a woman? By taking you to the toilet to make out?

Bohemian Babushka said...

So nice to see pics of the inside of the mansion. The food and drinks were outside- so that's all Babushka saw. ; )

Sorry, no favorite quote- still haven't seen the movie- it was too far away from the food and the drinks.

Definitely good memories and a great nite.


Unknown said...

aha good memories ;)

Ria said...

Oh wow I've been there swimming in the pool and stuff, never realized it was the Scarface mansion.

Unknown said...

Beautiful memories and great pictures. All I can say is good thing we caught the first ride back when we did. Sí no .....

Maria Tettamanti said...

"You say hello to my little friend!"