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5 Secrets to feel Sexier!

We should all feel sexy
We should all know that we can be sexy.
We should all know that it is possible to be and feel sexy without acting slutty. (pardon my french!)

One of the things I have learned the hard way is that the term sexy is in fact over rated and that for people to perceive you as "sexy" it has to start from you, since "sexy" does NOT have anything to do with outside beauty.

Here are five little steps that can hopefully bring the "sexy" back to your life!


Confidence and sexiness go hand in hand.
In order to be sexy you have to really know who you are, and that means embracing all of your little "imperfections" those that made you feel so insecure when you were younger.
I have had varicose veins ever since I can remember, and now I have even more after my pregnancy. It made me insecure, but now..I frankly don't care!
I have let it go.
I have so many other traits that I'm happy with, why the need to be perfect?
why hiding my legs in long pants?
I am starting to own who I am, accept my body and embrace my personality.


There is nothing more sexier that a woman who can have fun wherever she is despite who she is with!
A smiling face attracts people.
A happy attitude opens doors and opportunities.


Feed your BODY, but most importantly feed your SOUL with amazing experiences and feed your MIND with interesting topics.
You don't have to starve to death, you don't have to stop eating brownies, heck you don't even have to lose weight! To be sexy, you do NOT have to fit in societies "beauty mold". Taking care of yourself means having a healthy lifestyles and spoiling yourself more than once a month.
Spend some time every day to do something you love...
Spend time learning something new
Cultivate your culture, indulge in that chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, and have interesting conversations with people.
Learn anything you can from others.


A lot of women confuse sexiness with trashiness.
To wear sexy clothes does not mean you have to show your breasts or wear the shortest dresses.
Sexy is leaves more that "something" to the imagination...
Men like the conquest.
Of course, men will go straight to the woman who is dressed slutty 5x faster that any other woman, but that is only because they want sex above all things and if you are dressed like that, it's sort of saying to them "It will be easier with me"
How do I know that? Because i have asked MANY men. Believe it or not.

Wearing sexy means showing but not really showing...
means wearing a lip gloss that will make your lips look like deliciousness waiting to be kissed.
It means wearing a top that slightly shows of that bright colored bra strap that makes anyone "wonder how it really looks like".
Sexiness is having that hair fall into your face with grace...
Sexiness is simplicity.
Why do you think men drool over a woman wearing their button down shirt? Think about it!
However, if you are the type of woman who likes to show more, please know that you have the right to wear whatever you like and you should be happy no matter my personal opinion.


The element of the unexpected.
It is very sexy when a quiet person with glasses says a witty remark
It is very sexy when someone that looks like a model starts talking about complicated government issues.
When people act unexpectedly, it surprises and brings the word SEXY to a whole other level!

PS: Obviously these are my personal opinions based on experience and talking with a whole lot of people. There are some generalizations here and there and I apologize beforehand if any male is offended by them in this post. I do understand that all men are created equal..ejem...different I meant! ;)

What other secrets would you add to this post?
Share your comments below!