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Which is the Best Greek Yogurt?

I have to tell you a little story before I begin.
When I met my husband 9 years ago, he swept me away in so many ways!
He was so different from every man I had ever known.
He was hardworking, honest, and the most structured and ritualistic man EVER!
One of the things that strike me the most about him was he Never changed his dessert. 
It was and STILL is to this date: an apple and yogurt!
So basically every time I go to the grocery store I have to buy like 20 cause he eats them twice a day!

That is the reason I accepted this Challenge between
 Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry vs Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry.

My husband is not a picky yogurt eater, he likes all brands and all flavors and I have to admit we buy
a lot of Yoplait, but I am more of a Greek yogurt fan.
This challenge was going to turn out pretty darn good!

From the outside they look quite the same

And from the nutritional value there are some small differences Like Yoplait having 2g of Sugar more that Chobani, 20%  Vitamin D and 4%Vitamin A , and less Sodium (45%) than Chobani (65%)
On the Other hand Chobani had 5g more Calcium that Yoplait, 2g more of Protein, plus 2% Iron, 6% Vitamin C and 5g of Dietary fiber than Yoplait.

Still, at the end of the day, flavor and texture will always be the number one factor for many when choosing a yogurt, especially a Greek yogurt!

Yoplait has more fruit in the cup, turns into a pinkish color when mixed and is clumpy.

Chobani has a more firm texture and is creamier when mixed. Stays whitish.

My husband and I did the blind test on each other and even though we agreed on
 some points we totally chose different Yogurts!
My husband loved the sweetness of the Yoplait
I preferred the creaminess of the Chobani
Here is the thing, when I tasted the Yoplait, I didn't get Greek. 
I just tasted a yogurt. 
When I tasted the Chobani, I felt the acidity immediately, especially since I had just tried the Yoplait
and the creaminess of it was exactly what a Greek yogurt lover wants.
And that was the deal breaker.
In my opinion when someone wants to buy Greek yogurt,  
it means they actually like the less sweet,
 the rich and creamy texture that is characteristic of Greek.

I asked 3 more people to try these yogurts and 2 out of 3 loved the sweetness of Yoplait, but preferred the creaminess of the Chobani.
None of the three were Greek yogurt buyers.
In a National Taste test Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry beat Chobani Simply 100 strawberry!
Why don't you come and try the Yoplait Taste Test for yourself! 
 Summer is just around the corner!!
Which do you think will win the Best Greek Yogurt in this taste-off?
Yogurt has become one of our essentials and has helped me lose my  post baby weight fast and helps my hubby stay in shape!

This story was sponsored by Yoplait, but the best yogurt was determined by me.
I want to Thank Yoplait for giving me the opportunity to openly express my honest opinion.


Unknown said...

Love your posts & insight, Farah!! I clicked onto your link for you & hope you visit me & the link at:

Unknown said...

I agree, it didn't taste like Greek Yogurt at all, but I loved the taste.

Unknown said...

No soy de consumir greek yogurt, pero me me gustaría intentar el Yoplait Taste Test a ver que tal.

María laura Varela Rodriguez said...

Me encanta el yogurt griego y me gusta el yoplay porque es el que les gusta a mis hijos... Por ahora ellos eligen. Gracias muy divertido el post.

Taty said...

big confession time: I have never had greek yogurt
there is something about extra thickness that I don't know.
Maybe I will try one but a Yoplait one

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

Me encanta el yogurt griego que rico!

Unknown said...

Definitivamente tengo q probarlo! Luces muy bella!

S. Yissele said...

Adoro el greek yogurt! No habia probado Yoplait, ya lo busco.


Unknown said...

Interesante. Yo no he probabo el otro pero me gusta Yoplait.

Natalia Carter said...

He probado los dos, y los dos me gustan. Creo que no me he decidido aún por ninguno, aunque en Colombia, trabajaba para Yoplait.

Romina Tibytt said...

A mi me encanta el yogurt griego, voy a probar estas recomendaciones.

Negra Flor said...

Aquí también tomamos yogur griego, sobre todo mis hijas. Pero creo que no he visto Griegos de estas dos marcas.

Gracias por la info.