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Romantic Retro ( Part. Bleu)

Like I had mentioned in my previous post, that it would be continued, here is my retro floral skirt, but with different tops. I have quite a few friends that would classify me as very "girlie" and its true, I must admit I am. Still, inside...there is a tomboyish kind of gal...
Like I said, it all depends on the mood and for now I sure am loving this feminine, romantic feel...All I need to complete this?
having a cappuccino with a fresh croissant in a french coffee shop. Ah...its so nice to daydream.
Have a good one peeps! Farah


Anonymous said...

Super cute!! I like the drawings of little stars and very original!! and you look like a teenager!!

Aquí said...

I love this little photo series, the firsts one is my favorite! This look is so french with the heavy bang and stripped top! I LOVE it!

It-Blogirls said...

cute shirt and I like the background

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that first photo!

Gitanas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcelo said...

Me fascinan los escenarios y el diseño de las fotos. A pesar de haber dejado el diseño gráfico olvidado en un rincón del corazón...aun puedo ver ciertos detalles. Las fotos son modelo sublime.
Te felicito por saber expresar lo que sentís a través de imágenes. No es algo que cualquiera puede lograr.

the nyanzi report said...

love the first shot. beautiful!

Val - A Cleaner Closet said...

thanks for the blog visit - glad to discover yours! stripes and florals are the loveliest thing. i'm definitely more the tomboy, so i need to branch out in this direction a little more. :)
a cleaner closet

Cris said...

you don't know how I identified myself with this post! When you go to the french coffee shop, please don't forget to call me! ;)

Lovely, so lovely, outfit! I love this kind of sweet mix of prints!


Jess @ twin styles said...

That skirt is amazing. Definitely belongs in a french cafe. I love the pattern mixing here, it's done very nicely.
Gotta say, I love the way you display your necklaces and the pillow that's by you. I've been telling my hubby that I NEED a vanity, and I think I would showcase some of accessories in a similar way. So cute.

Jess. :) - Check us out if you get the chance! :)