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The Adelante Movement (what really went down)

I just arrived home from Hispanicize,
 and while my home smells like my presence was missed,
 and I'm back to where
everything flows with ease,
 I cant help to miss
 their voices, their giggles at night
their whispers in the dawn.
My friends have stayed and I had to leave.

We attended together the session that touched me the most,
the one that most resonated with us.
We are all Latinas, 
we are all friends
and we stand by each other even when we may feel alone.

The Adelante Movement Session "The Wisdom Of Latina Legends" brought by
Coca-Cola was not to be missed.
Together we would represent the sole purpose of this movement:
Support, empower, inspire and conquer our dreams 
and help other women say bye to their fears.

There was such an intense energy on that large cold room.
The beating hearts of latinas yearning for motivation
for that extra push.
Wishing to get inspired 
wanting to feel understood.

The life of Rita Moreno was so inspiring yet I cried half the time.
How can a woman get older without getting old?
How can this icon be so humble, so simple?

Charo was just a breath of fresh air!
All throughout her interview she seemed to plant a smile on my face.
She makes you laugh and she may even shock you but everything she says
she says from the heart.
Her spontaneity and charisma just blew everyone away.

I didn't come home empty handed.
My soul is still digesting the powerful quotes of Nely Galan's Adelante Movement:
"In your deepest pain is the answer to what you're supposed to do"
"Make fear and failure your best friends"
"it is never too late to RIGHT the WRONGS of your life"

And as I sit here, by myself 
I know deep down I have to make changes,
some very uncomfortable changes.
And this movement inspired me.
These women empowered me.
Together I don't feel weak nor scared
I don't want to stop, 
But most of all we have to move forward
and while we walk 
we should hold hands
 all latinas as one
and as one we should stand
without giving up, 
never looking back.
*This is a sponsored post however all expressions and opinions are my very own.

Watch these videos for a glimpse

A special thanks to Coca-Cola for giving me the opportunity to attend this life changing session at Hispanicize 2013


Unknown said...

One of my favorite Hispanize sessions. I was so inspired by these women.

Mayra said...

What a privilege to meet all those wonderful and successful ladies. I attended an Adelante Movement session here in Los Angeles and it was a great experience.

maite said...

Bello amiga. Me alegra tanto que hayas tenido esa experiencia. Felicitaciones y enhorabuena. Un abrazo!

Isabel Garcia said...

It was a moving experience listening to their stories of hardships and milestones. So happy that I attended the Adelante Movement session at Hispanicize. It was an inspiring and empowering experience! Awesome post!

Unknown said...

Great event amiga and thank you so much for sharing. Rita Moreno y Charo son una de mis idolos. Dios mio Charo si que esta igualita. Bellas. I hope I get to make it next year. Besos!

Cristina-Colombiana en CA said...

Estas mujeres son motivo de inspiración. Escuchar sus testimonios son como medicinas para el alma.
Me alegra saber que disfrutaste al máximo esta maravillosa experiencia.

Fashion Fab News said...

I am not in that picture!!!!
not happy for that
but I still love u and u gitanito too
Great post FARAH

Unknown said...

Very inspiring session

Natalia Carter said...

Sin duda este movimiento sigue dando de que hablar y siempre cosas positivas!

Unknown said...

So lucky that I am part of our 3pm movement. xoxo Love ya.

Unknown said...

I loved it too!.. It was so nice meeting you, I wish we had more time to sit down and chat a little longer, butg anyways.. yo la pasé divino!

Unknown said...

Yo no pude aisitir a esa, pero me dijeron que estubo muy buena. Yo quería ver a Charo Cuchi Cuchi! LOl

Bohemian Babushka said...

It was a memorable, unforgettable event with women worthy of every honor that can be bestowed upon them. I hope Coca cola continues this movement and their apoyo to Latinas. BB2U

Oriana from Mommyhood's Diary said...

Yo no pude asistir! Pero gracias a tu post siento que no me lo perdí del todo. Muchas Gracias por compartir!

S. Yissele said...

Que gran charla, tres mujeres inspiradoras con grandes mensajes que compartir! Que pena que no te pude conocer! espero sea en otra ocasión! Me encantaron las fotos!


Unknown said...

You made me cry, Farah. Feel blessed to have you in my life. Let's not wait until #Hispz14 to see each other, again.

Sofia Keck said...

What a great post. The videos reminded me of the true meaning of "dance as if nobody is watching". And the first photo, well...warms my heart. I miss you so much. I miss all of you. The day you left it was hard to hold the tears back, best of all your hubby got to see how much we love you. I think his exact words were "you really love each other huh". You are amazing!

Mamacita La Cuponera said...

Even though I didn't stay for the whole session, the little that I heard was inspirational. What great women!

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