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Tips for Traveling (and sharing a room!!)

Hello Everyone!
In this lovely Sunday in which I had to work since 4am, I am still here with a long to do list.
Next week, I will be staying at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach with 4 other lovely ladies.

And all of a sudden, it hit me...
We will be 5 latinas in one room!!!
That bathroom as well.

So, I decided to post some of the tips I have learned from traveling quite a bit in my life and doing enough hostels as well ;)


  • When you travel, sometimes it is really hard not to over pack and bring unnecessary items. 
  • Try to plan ahead your outfits per day.
  • Organize your clothing in large zip-lock bags. This way when you open your luggage you don't have to take out your entire wardrobe just because you are searching that pretty red top. Roll your T shirts, underwear socks into separate zip-lock bags.there will be less shuffling of your clothes,and you can easily see what each bag contains. It also seals the air out compressing the clothes and giving you extra space.
  • Try to use all the space in your luggage, you can store small items like creams inside shoes!
  • Bring some hangers from your house, chances are the room will only provide a few, and when sharing a room, is likely someone will be without.


  • Try to select the most important items and the ones that are essential.
  • Choose a small makeup kit that includes the basic makeup colors you use on a regular basis.
  • Bring your selected jewelry in a jewelry compartment bag in which can be easy for you to search your pieces without taking so much space.
  • Bring your own hair appliances( blow-drier  flat iron etc) so you don't have to wait for someone to finish using it and then lend them to you.


  • If you already know who your roommates are going to be, try to organize a list of essentials that each one can bring. One can bring the toothpaste, another can bring the shampoo and conditioner, the other soap. I know that some of us only use a specific product or brand, but if it is a short trip, sometimes is better to be flexible.


*all images downloaded from Google search
  • Try to maintain your personal items stored in a nice small bag. Imagine how cluttered a bathroom will look if four women put each of their items in the bathroom sink or in the rooms desk. The more organized you keep your belongings, less confusions, missing products and other problems could rise.
  • Try to schedule the amount of time each takes a shower and what times do each prefer to take them. If each of the roommates plan this ahead, there will be no resentments over who-is-the-one-who-stays-in-the-shower-for-hours-while-we-all-wait, and there will be no fighting over who showers first. 
  • After the shower, clean any left over hairs that may be stuck in the shower drain. Don't leave wet towels on the floor, and try to be considerate for the next person who enters.
  • Bring odor sprays or matches for unpleasant odors.
  • If one of your roommates is sleeping or not feeling well, talk quietly and be respectful.

I hope that wherever you are traveling to, you have a wonderful time and i hope that some of these tips have,  in some way, contributed to that!

but above all


Rasa said...

great post sweetie

Bohemian Babushka said...

Am definitely reposting this one. Excellent tips here muchachita! BB2U

Unknown said...

Great tips! Thanks chica, this was so helpful! See you soon. xoxo

Unknown said...

Farah, you made me laugh. Wait till you see my suitcase. It's filled with big Ziploc bags! *lol* I had images of clothes and accessories tangled all over the place. Hasta mañana querida! <3

Unknown said...

great tips