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DIY Make-Up Remover

A few months back, I have been trying to look for natural alternatives to everything I use for my face.
I posted the Strawberry Facial Scrub a few months ago and now I have made my own makeup remover.
Since I was chiquita, my mom used to use Witch Hazel on her face to freshen up.This has been known to reduce blemishes and spots, shrink bags under eyes and tighten pores. She always maintained a bottle of it in the fridge. It was so refreshing!! So I have kept using it as well.

Extra Virgin olive oil is one of the most nutritious items you can have in your kitchen. Especially if you use it on the skin. You can use  Organic Coconut oil instead of the Olive oil, just make sure it is Virgin and unrefined. I decided to mix both of these two miracle potions and tried it for a month. I will never go back to using expensive disposable makeup remover pads that are filled with perfumes and other "stuff" I really do not know about!!

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Basically, all you got to do is mix some of the EVOO (or Coconut oil) in a container with the witch hazel.
Oil and water will not mix, even though I tried whisking it slowly like chefs do to do dressings. This is not important though, you will shake the container with the two ingredients vigorously every time before you use.
Pour the Make-Up Remover on a nice big cotton ball.
Start with your eyes since usually is the area that we apply more makeup, including mascara.
Let the makeup remover settle for a few seconds so its starts to break down your makeup and then swipe.
Do this to your whole face until cottons come out clean.
Since Witch Hazel is an astringent it will mostly cut out the greasiness of the olive oil and you will end with a refreshed and moisturized face...
and CLEAN!

Do you have any favorite makeup remover?
Do you dare to try this one or do you feel skeptical about it?
Share your ideas!


Presley's Pantry said...

I'll try it.... i don't mind greasy eyes. :) Hee-hee!I'm sure this is a lovely alternative with the witch hazel involved. Thank you for testing it for a month. I think I'll make some now!

Unknown said...

i like using the cold cream from pond and florida water as an astringent.

Unknown said...

I'm in love with Estee Lauder products but you have peaked my curiosity so I will try the witch hazel.

Unknown said...

Amiga, thanks so much for these great tips! My skin is very sensitive and I have to becareful as well. I am all about natural products y si estan al alcanze de mi mano, mejor aun. Great post and thanks for sharing!

Despina T. said...

omg i never even thought this is possible.i am intrigued to try it out.thanks for sharing.

AutismWonderland said...

LMAO at Adriana!

But I am going to try this...I use Clinique but it's expensive and I'd like to something natural and eco friendly. Excellent post!

~ Lisa

Unknown said...

Que buena idea! Love the idea of combining these two. Soy mala. All I use is soap and water. And Oil of Olay. :p

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

I should probably use this instead of falling asleep with makeup on :(

Anonymous said...

Hot bathcloth to the face for a few seconds to get your makeup ready for dissolving and your skin ready to participate. Then, I apply a mixture of 50% EVOO, 25% avocado oil, 25% castor oil and a capsule of vitamen E. Massage for a bit then wipe everything off with cotton balls. Apply some more oil and wipe off with cotton ball. Then wipe the face with a hot wet bathcloth again which exfoliates. Afterr I feel like everything's off, I apply a toner of witch hazel mixed with green tea and chamomile tea. I wear a lot of make-up--foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lots of mascara (I'm a Southern Belle type) and this FULLY takes off ALL make-up. My skin is not as stripped as soap (I used to have to wash my face 2-3 times with soap to fully clear the eye make-up). Wiping with the hot bathcloth physically removes a lot of the oil and then more is removed by the witchazel...but stil, my skin feels less stripped than it did with soap.