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What I have learned from Hair

Who doesn't want Great Hair?

Sometimes its really hard to take care of your hair...especially when there are so many types.
My hair is straight BUT has waves in the middle...
my hair is thick and heavy.
It is also very dry and brittle at the ends but greasy on the roots..

As years pass you get accustomed to your hair and little by little you know what you can or cannot do with it
You know what products to use, and which ones only work in theory...or maybe work well with other types of hair.

Sometimes a product will work wonders for your hair for a certain period of time, and then all of a sudden
it makes your hair look dull.

Sometimes you fight with your hair's natural way...and you try and change it from curly to straight..
from blonde to black

Sometimes we are embarrassed by our hair...and try to cover it by using wigs, weaves or extensions and sometimes we do this because we feel it doesn't match who we are.

I feel that our hair is part of us.
A part that screams for attention in the most diva's style of ways...
HAIR demands your attention

That’s why I have learned a couple of things about hair
along the way:
1. Hair has its own moods. Some days it will feel like obeying you, some days it will be as it wishes!
2. Hair wants to be themselve and hair wants you to be proud of it
3. Hair wants your attention and care, it loves when you massage its scalp and give regular treatments, just as you love spas.
4. Hair gets bored…so change your shampoo for another type once in a while will ya?
5. Hair wants to fulfill its purpose, just like you have a purpose in life. And its purpose is to make you look beautiful as you are on the inside, so hair likes when you have fun with it and try different styles.
6. Hair needs trimming, just like Nails.
7. Hair likes the sun just as much as Skin (only a few minutes per day)
8. Hair loves natural ingredients…so once in a while treat it with homemade avocado masks, lemon rinses and natural coconut oils.
9. Your hair has its own personality, so don’t try to classify it under the common categories.
10. Your hair is proud to be part of YOU, so be proud of YOUR HAIR too!

What have you learned from your hair through the years?


Unknown said...

You know I have been playing with my hair lately in a totally different way...I am letting it be, whatever it wants to be. And it seems to be working. But something I have learned recently is the older you get the more diva the hair gets. You have to care more for it and spend more on it.... hmmm! Anything for beauty, right? ;-)

Unknown said...

Pretty post, Farah. You wanna know what I've learned about hair? ... THAT WE ALWAYS WANT WHAT WE DON'T HAVE!!! *lol* As a kid I battled with my curly locks, trying to get it to do what was not natural. It wasn't until my sophomore year of high school that I surrendered. That's my story. :-)

Unknown said...

That's also why 9 times out of 10, you'll see me with my hair pulled back in a bun. Now I'm done. :p

Gitanas said...

I think your hair wants you to let it be part of your natural beauty! your hair wants you to accept it the way it is...I think you have nice curly hair...embrace and enjoy my friend!

Unknown said...

You're right! Better to not fight nature. There's got to be a reason I got all these greñas. :-)

Miss you mucho. <3

Unknown said...

People need to stop messing with their hair. They would be surprised as to what they find.

Maria said...

I agree with the above poster, we always want what we don't have. But we also don't have someone to come change our looks for us as well either. Great post about variety & info on our hair.