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Waiting for the Moon

Technically Fall starts on Mid-Sept
But for me, it starts as soon as I feel that chilly breeze...

Sunsets become a little more magestic.
Orange and pink hues that dress the sky and clouds seem to be on fire.

In less that 15 minutes colors change from soft pastels to daring and powerful ones
as the sun ends his work shift and says goodnight.

Nature seems to come together for  this wonderful moment in which the tired Sun
waits for the refreshed, radiant and full of energy Goddess of the Night arrives.

And like any other female...she takes her time to get ready

and all of us, shall wait.
She is worth the wait.
Have a beautiful week!!


Unknown said...

Very beautiful shots you caught there! Love it!

Vero said...

Nice and poetic...;)

Bohemian Babushka said...

In plain Cubano- Te lo comiste mujer!

Beautifully pictured and said. Will definitely be sharing. BB2U

p.s. those kind of pics you should put your name on it. just sayin'.

Sofia Keck said...

Very nice post. I totally related to it. Te dedico este parrafo de un post q escribi en Julio:

La luna y el sol no estaban compitiendo por mi atención. La luna se miraba en paz, se miraba que entendía que era hora que ella dejara al sol brillar. Parada en medio de la luna y el sol, escuche como ella le deseaba un buen día y como él le susurraba “buenas noches.”

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

ahh yess, fall and winter have the best skies :-D

Desiree said...

Those colors are incredible. Looking at skies like this really make you feel life is a gift. I'm sorry to confuse you! I didn't think people used google friend connect so I pushed it waaaay to the bottom of the site. Thank you for your sweet comment about my outfit.


Unknown said...

Don't you wish you could paint it.