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Random Festive Style, Glitter Gold and Black...

Who doesn't love Christmas?
I do! yet It is definitely a holiday that I have learned to work
very hard at maintaining the enthusiasm.
Hectic stores and family pressures for perfect and fulfilling presents can sometimes
shift that beautiful Xmas spirit into some major stress.

I like to wear all things cozy, comfy and furry this season and I am super hooked 
on delicate jewelry for daytime. 
But for nightime,
nothing says Christmas better than Black and Gold

urban outfitters

urban outfitters

urban outfitters

urban outfitters

What do you like to wear this season??


Unknown said...

not too much about dressing up since is not compatible with my life today. we were pj's and flannel but I love me sparkly stuff for xmas.

Unknown said...

You know this is one post I will enjoy because my life is all about sparkles...LOL. Love these selections and adoring the arm candy on the very first photo. Besos mamita and wishing you a wonderful holidays.

Gretchen said...

I like it babes. Glitter is growing on me these days too - yes me of all of people. For some reason my mid thirties are craving edgier looks. hope to see you soon. gretchen

Sofia Keck said...

I love this accessories. They are totally my style.