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Mint Lemonade Cocktail Recipe (and How-to Video!)

I have been meaning to add a "food and beverage" section to this blog a long time now but hadn't gotten around to it...until now!

Finally took the courage to make a little how-to video as well, which can be kinda weird, the fact of seeing someone and hearing then live after seeing so many lifeless pictures of them..don't u think?

Well, today I wanted to post a recipe of this heavenly cocktail...heavenly because it literally lifts me up and makes me dream with every sip! Don't mock me peeps, once you try will know what I'm talking about!

You will need:

1oz Gin
1 lemon
1 to 2 tbsp of sugar 
3 to 4 mint leaves
Tonic Water

Cut the lemon in about 7 to 8 wedges.This will make it easier to muddle and extract all of its juice. Put wedges in a glass or container where you can actually muddle it. Put sugar and mint leaves and begin muddling making sure the lemon juice is coming all out. Pour Gin and transfer it to a container where you can shake all the ingredients. If you have a boston shaker like I do use it, if not ANY container that has a lid will do. Shaking the mix will blend everything together, especially the sugar, as well as giving the cocktail a frothy texture...yum!
Transfer everything back to the original glass (or where you are planning to drink the cocktail)top it off with some tonic water.
Smell, taste, dream and ENJOY! Bon appetit!
Salud..2 gitanas everywhere!


Anonymous said...

jajajaja, me muero !!!!!!!!!!
t@ti ♥ lovesU.
que hermosa voz tenés !!! el tono.... como esta chica... jenifer anniston! sos graciosa, boló

Katie said...

this looks tasty! i will have to try it for sure!

--instead of an elephant

Y said...

Love your blog and this post! Haha I'm following you now, hope you back! =)


Laura said...

This looks great :)


Looks great!

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Aquí said...

fantastic video! You're right I love this recipe!! It looks so refreshing! You sound great and looked really comfortable on video! We both made our video debuts this week!

ATACADAS said...

HEY!!! Gracias por dejar comment y por hacerte seguidora. Me encanta tu blog. Yo también te sigo.

goodbadnfab said...

I love this post! It's charming, witting and oh-so fabulous!

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Vantage Point Vintage said...

Sounds yummy! I am following!


Unknown said...

hummm i want it!