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My Wedding

This month we have celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and I decided to post some pictures of that extraordinary day when this gitana got married. That meant settling down, which is not exactly my cup of tea.
Thank God marriage has not changed me at all, and I continue to look for that "place" on earth where I can stay still a couple of least!

Marriage is quite tricky. It's a full time job but with no paid vacation or days off (that would be nice!) and you got to work at it 24/7.
I ain't gonna lie, we have had our fair share of rough times. Still that's the beauty of it all, sticking with it. Working it out together...always.
Sometimes (in my case, like a million) you feel you want to give up and RUN...but then that's when you need to stay put. You have to let the current take you to the nearest stop...go with the flow.
Thank God I have done this, cause my relationship means more to me than anything! (yes, even more than chocolate,shoes or my dog CoCo!)

I am truly happy that I married the right man. The right man for ME!


Marcelo said...

marriage means everything to me. commitment is a strong word that fits perfectly in my heart. as long as you are with me, I will never give up on being happy together.

Marcelo said...

marriage means everything to me. commitment is a strong word that fits perfectly in my heart. as long as you are with me, i will never give up on being happy together.

Jessica said...

Felicidades en tu aniversario... El matrimonio no es tan malo y aburido como lo pintan. Si estas enamorada estoda una aventura. Gracias por darme follow ya yo lo hice contigo... Me emociono saber que hay una boricua por aqui.. Algunas veces mesiento sola por esto del blogg y como estoy empesando en esto mas toda via

Felicidades CDT

Vantage Point Vintage said...

Beautiful pictures, your dress is so pretty!


PAPS said...

It is very rarely we see such love. So Happy anniversary

PAPS said...

Of course I will follow you. Thanks a million for visiting my blog. All the best. My names are Pathirage Panitha Swarup Asamptha Perera. I have not used my first name to make PAPS as it is like a old family area name. Take care.

Tina Colada said...

Oh!!! beautiful pictures...and congrats on the big 5 yr agree with you... we are at the 2.5 yr stage rite now!! loving every minute of it...

Anonymous said...

ohhh congrats!! I wish you a happy life with your love, you're so lucky! :)


Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Congrats for you 5th anniversary!!!! this october is the first year of a marriage for me! I'm so excited!

Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

Aquí said...

I LOVE that you wore boot to your wedding! Gorgeous photos, looks like such a fun wedding party!

SecretFashionLove said...

Congratz !
Love S.

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Lovely by Lucy said...

Those pictures are amazing! You looked so pretty, and I love the vintage feel of the pictures, although you haven't been married for that long.
Love beats everything :)
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
X, Lucy
Lovely By Lucy


Wow! Love your dress!!!

Mes Voyages à Paris
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Adri said...

wooooow, que rapido se va el tiempo, no? felicidades to one of my favorite couples!

oh! y no se si te lo habia dicho ya, but I've ALWAYS loved your choice of wedding dress, it's so Farah, so gitana, so perfect! :)



lhantse said... just made me emotional with this. love is indeed beautiful. anyways thank you for visiting my blog. and of course we can follow eachother. am following you.

Unknown said...

OMG!!! You were a beautiful bride and you both are PERFECT together. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Fabi Borges said...

Bellisima! me encantaron las fotos, tu historia... y la nota de Marley

Hacen una pareja muy linda!