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About Summer, Outfits and Love

Sometimes Miami is too hot to even go outside...
The weather here is ever changing, it starts very sunny and around noon
thunder comes making you think 
that a hurricane is definitely coming.

And then there are days
like this...
where the sun shines very bright, but doesn't burn.
And you feel lucky to live in such a state.

Well, I have to admit I feel lucky everyday.
I have the most beautiful and loving home.
We dont live in the best neighborhood, 
we dont buy expensive clothes
and we dont have a fancy lifestyle.

But we have the sweetest of moments together.
We find joy in whatever we do.
We cherish our moments in silence while watching a movie and Gianni is sound asleep.
We love talking to each other without the TV while having dinner.
We are very passionate when fighting and I hate my husband everytime we do.
And I love that, cause I still care..I still feel passionate about this relationship 
and I still feel we are meant for each other. 
I know we will grow very old together.
I am the richest person.
I inherited this outfit from a great friend.
The fedora has been with me for ages.
Thank you friend!


Bohemian Babushka said...

If BB didn't ♥ you already muchachita, she would have after this post. Que ternura con pasion. You to a T!!! BB2U

p.s. your hubby can't deny paternity- es IGUALITO!!

Taty said...

what a great inheritance! I was about to ask you where I could get one. even if we live in the same city like it so much I want one too!

Gitanas said...

Jaja ay BB tu eres única, siempre me haces reir, thank you for that!! Xxx

Gitanas said...

Jeje thank you, would love to grab a coffee one day with you then !

Gilda Campos said...

Me encanta el atuendo. Muy pero muy ad hoc con la temporada. :)

Gilda Campos said...

Me encanta el atuendo. Muy pero muy ad hoc con la temporada. :)

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

me encantan tus fotos y tu bebe esta precioso

Gitanas said...

Gracias hermosa!

Gitanas said...

Gracias hermosa!

Dini Kusnanda said...

Awesome moment

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Teresa Garza said...

Que belleza.. Me encantó.

Negra Flor said...

El vestido es genial, práctico y se ve fresquito. Es una muy buena propuesta.

Y felicidades por tu bebé precioso!

Unknown said...

Que bellos, me encanta como se ven!

Mayra said...

LIndo traje y me encanta el color

Helmi Fatur Rohman said...

Gracias hermosa!

Unknown said...

Lindo outfit! muy colorido :)

Anonymous said...

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