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Welcoming the New Year the Right way

A celebration for a New year is always exciting.
The hope for better and bigger things,
the motivation to accomplish certain dreams 
the challenge to stick to resolutions...

I always like to start the new year
the best way that I can.
Leaving behind angst, old anger,
disappointments, messy lifestyles, and unhealthy habits.
Here are some of my personal tips on how to start
your NEW year the right way.

                                                    OUT with the OLD, IN with the NEW.

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I always have to do a MAJOR cleaning in my house the week before New Years,
 but I am not talking about the usual weekly cleaning.
 I am talking about meticulous cleaning in areas where you can easily forget.
I usually start with the kitchen throwing away cans or medicine that are expired. 
Organizing all the counter tops and throwing away chipped china or things I do not like anymore. 
I try on old jeans and I try my best to say goodbye to old pieces that aren't me anymore or they simply don't look as good on me as before.
If they are still in a nice condition, I usually donate it to the nearest Goodwill

 Organize YOURSELF.

After doing the mayor cleaning, I start to organize my things.
After the tough "deciding what I will keep and what I won't " part, I tend to grab a glass of wine and
put some nice lounge music and I start to organize.
I put all my expensive jewelry separate after meticulously shining them.
I fold every scarf and store in my scarf holder.
I organize all my stud earrings together so I wont keep losing them.
This process is the one I enjoy the most.


Two years ago I started to do this one.
Basically I apologize to each person that either really matters to me or that maybe I know deep inside I may have acted wrong to them.
I apologize of what I may have done wrong and I don't concentrate on what that person did to me or
expect an apology back.
It's really tough.
Not everyone can say sorry.

Of about 25 people that I apologized to last year,
only one apologized for anything they may have done to me.
Forgive YOURSELF first.
Like I said before, this step is about you doing something for yourself, to try to start clean
to oblige yourself to keep humble and to help others forgive you so they can also start their year fresh.


I am still unsure about resolutions, I always seem to follow them through until March
and then I just flake.
Most of the time its because my resolutions do not fit my lifestyle nor me, and even though I
have known this my entire life, I keep on writing resolutions like these.
And that's OK.
Because resolutions are about TRYING.
They are a list of wishful thinking.
You WANT to do all these things, but its obvious that the reason they are so hard to accomplish
is because we tend to be very definite about it: "I will go to the gym every day" "I will stop eating cookies" and so on...
I now make resolutions that give me flexibility: "I will try to be more active" or "I will cut my sugar intake"
This way even if I "fail" on a resolution I don't feel like a failure and I can always 
bring myself up and try again.

May the 2013 be a wonderful year to you...
May peace and serenity reign in your heart.
May contentment follow you wherever you go.
May your bold spirit discover new challenges.
May the universal love fill you up and help you bless others with it.


Andrea Ocampo said...

Love your post! I'm all about the organization part and of course the wine. Happy New Year my Gitana sister.

Bohemian Babushka said...

Niña linda, once more you have proven what a far better person you are than BB. I love all your ideas and suggestions, but as far as cleaning?? Can't I just put dynamite and start from scratch?? ; )

Have a fantabulous 2013 y BB2U

Unknown said...

Great post and great tips to start this New Year with the right foot! I hope that you and your love ones had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all a Prosperous New Years! :) xoxox

Unknown said...

Happy New Year xoxo

Unknown said...

Nice post!! And happy new year!!

Unknown said...

Very lovely post. I have been cleaning and throwing things out for the past few weeks. I want to downsize and get rid of everything.

Looks like you are ready for the New Year. I have a great feeling that it's going to be a spectacular year xo

The Millers said...

I am loving this post. Great tips for the new year! Thanks for sttopping by my blog today! Yours is adorable and I am excited to follow you right back lovely lady!

Sarahjane @ just the two of us

Sofia Keck said...

Nice post. I felt that I was right there with you, not helping you organize but drinking the wine.