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Trying beauty products!!

Just came from Ulta, and as usual, I bought more items that what I actually needed ( of course) but who can blame me? With a whole new set of priorities on my list,I hardly go shopping anymore, so....I deserve it!
I went to buy a concealer because my favorite one from Mac had ran out like a month ago and all I was using was my amazing BB cream from Boscia. I wanted to try to be a risk taker and check other brands. I tried several from Benefit, all of them leaving me with concealer creases around my eyes ( ugh) and tried others from two other (very expensive ) brands that had great coverage but in two seconds left me with those ugly makeup creases that make you look wrinkled and old ( yikes). Lets face it, when people talk to you, they look at your eyes more than anything ( unless you are Angelina Jolie that is) of the girls at Ulta introduced me to this primer from Benefit Stay don't Stray and as soon as I put it on,I knew I had to take it. And it works as a  concealer too!! No creases! And that has been four hours ago.
So what do you do at Ulta when you finally find what you were looking for? Keep looking for more stuff of course! (duh!)
So I bought this luscious mint lip balm from Eos, this Stila major lash mascara, O.P.I. Matte top coat and this It's a 10 miracle hair mask which I have never tried.
I will keep everyone posted on how good this mascara and hair mask really are in a future post.
But in the meantime, what do you think of this matte top coat? I wanted to try it in different colors...yay or nay??
Have a great weekend!!


Unknown said...

I use smashbox concealer so far one of the best.

Sofia Keck said...

You will really like the it's a 10 hair mask. I use it often as it's awesome.

I have been wanting to buy an EOS lip balm, I am so bad not loosing my Chapstick so I hope I take better care of this one once I get it.

Interestingly enough I just bought a MAC concealer. I will def give the one you pick up a try.

Your nails are looking fab!

Unknown said...

Farah, I love that hair mask. They also have a great spray detangler you might want to try. You made me want to take a trip to Sephora! Miss you, Mama. xoxo

Unknown said...

Uh but Ultra is like a toy store, who can resist? ;-) and super yeay on your nails!!!