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Ready for a Splash

Summer is here!!
That means its time to get back to the GYM!!

While I do that, I just wanted to post some pics of some items that for me are essential
for Summer, as well as some of my favorite bathing suit styles!!
I have always said that if I could LIVE in a specific piece of clothing for the rest of my life, it would definitely be a bikini.
I am loving the Trikini trend...
Cut offs, glitter nails and colorful pieces are highly recommended.

What is your bathing suit style??
BTW, I did a cameo on this post...guess you will never know since I blend so well with the others,
ejem, ok ok
I get it...Gym calls!


Laura said...

I love bikinis better because those bathing suits must leave such weird tan lines!!!

Gitanas said...

That is quite true...its good to alternate them, that's how I do it :))

Unknown said...

You look like a beautiful ad for South Beach.

I adore retro style bathing suits. They suit my big booby body type better. Even though I do have a pink crotchet bathing suit...

Boho Me said...

I really love bikinis, but I think that this summer I'll wear someone of this ;)

Living la Vida Blogging said...

Who is the model from the first photo? Dang she is HOT! She is sexy and she knows it.

I wish so bad I was in Miami with the beach at my finger tips. We would just bum under the sun the whole day.

Write it down on the "to do list" for my next visit!

Anonymous said...

Wassup with the two pairs of sunglasses? #evil

Unknown said...

roflol @ Anonymous. Love the post. I stopped wearing bathing suits in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

great post! I'm more of a bikini girl but I own two one pieces that are great for days at amusement parks and such! and what's summer without denim cutoffs!?

XO Sahra

Unknown said...

Great post and like you I am ready for some sun. You look amazing and I love your bathing-suit xoxoxox

Gretchen said...

El traje de baño eres tu! I wish I can pull that one!