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Today's Dream

It's 1:32 pm and I have to admit that I just woke up. Work has sucked the life out of me the past few days and I can't be more happy to be off three days in a row!
I overslept because my body was glued to my bed AND (and please this "and" is very IMPORTANT cause its the MAIN reason) because I was dreaming of, yeap, Ryan...
Basically we were doing a movie together and through out the movie and of course our "acting" I was always looking for a way to kiss him, but he kept backing off, telling me that the kiss wasn't on that particular scene that we were doing...
A woke up a couple of times but I was DETERMINED to get back to that dream and continue my chase...of course time flew in real life and here I am, my whole day almost gone and NO KISS! 
God I hope that my husband doesn't read this post, but with my luck lately, chances are he will...hi honey love you!'re the best!!

PS: Ryan is not the celebrity that I die for, but I have beginning to fall in love with him after the movie Blue Valentine which completely broke my heart into a trillion pieces, and after the dream today my heart is growing fonder ;)
Let's see who else visits my dreams soon..


Ilse said...

Ah, I still want to see that Blue Valentine movie! It's indeed not one of my fave actors as well but that might change after that movie if I must believe the stories..

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you for making me smile :) (Why is it that dreams always have to be cut short just when getting to the best bit?!) You have a great blog!!

Marcelo said...

Honesty goes always first...
I can not control what you dream, but I can control what I feel. I feel that you are the most beatiful person I ever met. Sorry might be in her dreams...but I am in her life. Peace.

cris said...

I loved the post! very original.
it´s no strange that you dream about he, he is so hot!!!