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Hispanize 2012

Where do I begin....
Its been more than a week..I expected this feeling to have mellowed down a bit.
But no.
I'm still feeling awkward in my own house...without waking up early, driving to the JW Marriott, valet....twitter my crowd "where are you guys??"..."where are here at the Target luxe Lounge!" ..."come by fast theres wine!!"
Ugh! its 4pm I have to go back to walk my dog...walking my dog, taking quick shower, dressing up...driving to JW Marriott, Valet...and FIESTA!
Yep asi fueron mis dias en other words...Ideal days!

The weather was beautiful.

Our Spot.

Mari Elena Salinas

Emilio Estefan

My EX idol Cesar Millan
Do not be fooled by that smile!!
Unfortunately being a pro with dogs makes him
incapable to deal with humans.
At least is like that off stage.
Such a dissapointment!

And that my friends, is how we roll...

Steven Bauer got to spend a lot of time con estas chicas...
Total ladies man still...

wish these gals lived closer!!
cant wait to Hispanicize 2013!!
Unforgettable experience!


Atay5 said...

Love your photos!!

Unknown said...

roflol @ ex idol. miss you so damn much its sickening.

Alma Boheme said...

New follower from La Dulce Vida! My good friend/cousin Adri spoke of the great time at Hisp12! Lovely blog!

Unknown said...

This was awesome amiga! Love the photos.

Unknown said...

Farah, que bonitas fotos. Yes, you did a lot of running around. Pareciamos unas locas. Quizas they'll expand the size of the #TargetLuxeLounge and provide more seating next year? Wouldn't that be nice. Todavia estoy triste sobre tu X. I wanted to like him so much, too. : (

In the meantime, I'm going to pretend you all live around the corner. <3

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos & wonderful memories.

Designitgirl said...

you ladies rock, next time we all need to get together! i was too shy.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz said...

Love the pictures, they are amazing Farah! Can't believe I missed this. The house is gorgeous.