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Glitter Love

Just added a new color to my nail collection.
It just screamed at me.
I'm serious.
When this kind of thing happens to me in the middle of a store, I just obey.

I hope she blends in with the "others" on my nail polish bag, something about her makes me think she is an attention seeker.
Drama on its way...for sure!
Dig it?


Unknown said...

yes, i love glitter!

Living la Vida Blogging said...

try the glitter ones that have multiple colors they go w every outfit lol! fun! fun! fun!

Maria Tettamanti said...

You NEED to try the Ciate brand "Caviar" manicure for sale at Sephora. It's SO SICKO!

Unknown said...

I totally dig it. Do my toes! :-)

Cliff Tuna said...

I love your nails! You know glittery nails are just always stunning! :D