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Mother's Day

Today, is Mother's day.
We celebrate a mother's love, protection, caring and that huge responsibility they take everyday
for us.

I have a special mother.
My mom was left a widow on her honeymoon by her first husband, while she was pregnant of her first child.
An he never even got the chance to know.
Later she had to support herself, her daughter and her mother completely alone
and she wasn't even 25.

A few...long years after that she met my father.
She gave him two daughters one of them this cute little bundle of fat (yes me!!)
8 years into their marriage, they divorced.

My mother is the wisest, strongest woman I know.
And still the one I admire the most.

She has rheumatoid arthiritis, osteoporosis and she has been in a wheelchair for almost 6 years.
She still maintains her joy and her strength 
and her faith inspires me every single day.

Not everyone has the priviledge to be a mother.
Some women never find the right man, some may just never be blessed with the gift of conceiving.
Some will never be able to afford to adopt.
I think any woman who cares, protects, nourishes and love a creature is a mom.
I do not think only those who can carry a baby in their wombs are mothers...the one who adopts is no less.
I am a mother.
God blessed me with a dog that is definitely half human.
He is extremely allergic to most foods and to the environment as well, causing him to have had syncopes which scared us to death.
I have had sleepless nights watching him, just to see if he was in fact breathing.
I have rushed him to the hospital every time his face has swollen, while feeling that I has going to have a heart attack.
I nourish, I bath him and I take care of him every second of the day.

CoCo and I have a  Special Bond
No one will understand.
I believe in connections.
In any shape or form.
A connection between a man and a woman.
A woman with a bird.
A child with a dog.
An old man with 4yr old.
I am his mother.

Happy Mother's Day to
all of you who are one as well.


Bohemian Babushka said...

That was just precious. Thank you.

BB2U and a very Happy Mother's Day.

Unknown said...

Very sweet post. Have a wonderful day w/your furbaby. ;)

AutismWonderland said...

Simply beautiful!!

~ Lisa

Sofia Keck said...

You are indeed because only a mom could advice me with the wisdom that u do. Because only a mom could write a post/poem like this and because you say so! Happy day to you too mamacita!