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About Dreams

Work has consumed every little empty space of my brain labeled specifically for creativity
and believe it or not, I find a lot of my inspiration from dreams...

In dreams, most of the time I am in complete control.
Not only that, but I can even be conscious sometimes that I am dreaming.
I can visit places that exist and I can even create my own places...
I sometimes can even start complicating things if I am getting for example I could take a branch out of a tree and start painting the sky, I can decide to fly out of space to mention a few...

 Sometimes days go by so fast...

hours seem to melt away and minutes just disappear in a single blink of an eye
especially when you have to do so many things and you have a deadline.

I know I have a time management issue...
I also know I sleep too much. But with dreams like mine who can judge me??

Sleeping for me is like a plane ticket to fantasy... I enjoy being in a place where unconventional is norm and strange is acceptable instead of questioned.
Where things can talk and it isn't weird and I can travel places that are not on planet earth's reach.

And while my daily life seems busy with noise, duties and deadlines
I cherish the time when I hop in to bed
and let my brain decide where will I be, who will I see.

Do you like to dream??


Unknown said...

ufff agree 200% with you about not having enough time and sleeping too much ha!!! I love to sleep and that is exactly why I have like 15 things I have to finish now and I can't seem to find the time. I don't like to sacrifice my sleep time :-D

Sofia Keck said...

I remember a conversation we had in GA about dreaming and you told me how much you like to dream. I told you I was not a fan of it because I don't get to be that lucky and dream about beautiful things but dream about work and stuff I have to do and my dreams turn out to give me anxiety. This image is great, it reminds me when I was inside the bubble on the pool at hispz12. =)

Unknown said...

I love dreaming and manipulating dreams but I have not had a chance to do that since I had children.