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Creative & Stylish Women I've Met...Along The way

Been thinking the last couple of days that I was spending quite a long time searching on magazines and on the web for celebrities and models that I absolutely and adore their style when all of a sudden I realized that I have so many friends who are not only stylish per se, but who are actually very creative, successful and have been very inspirational to me. They deserve this post, hell yea! and much more...but all I can do for now is give them this small but filled with admiration, honorable mention to the following.

This Chicago born with Mexican roots is an
adventurous, fun , confident and world traveler.
With great style and talent for photography.

Incredibly talented Puerto Rican, living in Florida and well known wedding and events photographer. Her blog will blow you away!!
Amazing sense of humor and style!
She did a shooting for me once, and boy did I have fun and enjoyed the results!

Another island girl!
Strong,independent and fun.
Rocker at heart and romantic.
A friend that is very close to my heart and the one I go to for beauty advice!

Fellow blogger and "boricua" established in Dallas,with a passion for fashion!
This woman can recreate any look for less.
you can see her blog here

Born in Cuba but established in Puerto Rico,is now owner of a very chic Bistro that showcases art and muscic performances from local artists.
Gypsy at heart wit the most amazing taste in fashion and design.
I love her to death!

This bohemian/argentinian woman who've I have never met in person but crossed my path on Facebook, has always inspired me with her eccentric yet relaxed-effortless-chic style.
Very artsy, strong and outspoken, love that!

 and of course, my MOM has always been a constant inspiration for me...
Who has been a source of inspiration for you lately??

Abrazo! Farah


Berty said...

Amiga, thank you so much....Wow I don't even know what to say...This is really an honor! Te quiero mucho y gracias!

Anonymous said...

:D me encantaron todas las fotos, me parecen que muchas de ellas tienen un estilaso que bonito todo!

Unknown said...

This is so awesome, gracias very much ha!!! for adding me to your list. you are very dear to my heart. <3 xoxo

Adri said...

What a wonderful idea to honor women that inspire us! I may have to follow suit soon! Thank you for including me in your list, I feel the love ;) <3

Anonymous said...

Gracias por incluirme en algo tan lindo, femenino, con estilo pero sin estridencias.
Me siento como "selecionada" dentro de un criterio de "mujeres de verdad". BESOS... ♥ tati

Anonymous said...

Que lindo me encanto Farah....!!! hermosas todas!!super cool!! besos Juli

Anonymous said...

I love it!! all the girls are beautifull and very creative, thanks for including me, it's an honor!! love you friend!! and miss you always!!

maite said...

Esto esta increíble! Que chevere chica, me encana ser parte de esta lista tan especial, gracias "my friend". Un abrazo fuerte a las dos. Las quiero!

Aquí said...

Gorgeous pictures! I draw inspiration from my fellow bloggers mostly! Love that you mentioned your mom! My mom is one of my inspirations as well!