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Fall Options for a Hot City

Embracing Fall is not easy when you live in a city where low temperatures are hardly low and where fall is practically nonexistent, but, being such a fashionable city you can start to incorporate those items in your closet that you cant even think of using them the rest of the year. In Miami, you start to feel a certain chilly air around this time, but it can be really chilly in the morning and then be unbearably hot in the mid afternoon, so you have to incorporate pieces that you can easily take them off accordingly. This weeks IFB Project #18 is all about your Fall essentials and what pieces would be your "uniform" for this lovely season. Here are a few outfits that I think would work living in a hot city like mine:

This first outfit could be for a sunny windy day. You could add a casual jacket or blazer to it as well.

I associate plaid with fall, and I love the combination of covered up on top and exposing some skin with shorts...if it gets too hot you can always roll up those sleeves.
 This look is for an evening out when the temperature lowers a bit (it really does sometimes). You can always wear a thin cotton short or tank top beneath the cardigan so you can take this off at your convenience.

I love to incorporate scarves in most outfits cause they can easily work as a cover up if it gets a little chilly that you would expect, plus I think scarves give such life to an outfit...its the perfect accessory for fall
Blazers and jackets are a must this season. it gives some elegance and formality to an outfit plus you can take them off  accordingly. I also like the use of black pantyhose which can protect from chilly wind
Cardigans, ponchos, blazers, jackets, scarves, leggings, faux fur, boots and lots of layers is what I am looking forward to be using as my fall uniform here in this weird unpredictable weather at the south...what are your falls must haves??


Unknown said...

I like how you mix and match the booties for different outfits

Marcelo said...

I like your always. But trust me...your outfits look even better when YOU are the model wearing them....anyone agree?

Angel Garcia said...

Love the animal print.. Good post because not everyone lives in cities where in winter the temperature drop low where you need a coat..

All the best, ~Angel

Maja K said...

Loving third outfit, it's perfect for Fall (though it's still to cold) :D
If you fancy following each other, let me know.
Have a spectacular day,


Unknown said...

nice bloog!!!


in love with everything


Maja K said...

Thanks for your comment, following you now :)


PAPS said...

I guess the first will be more of my choice.

Unknown said...

love your blog, great post!

Unknown said...

My post of today shows almost all of my fall must haves: statement jacket (today's=orange trench), dark stockings, sheath dresses, & boots.

I am considering getting my hands on leather shorts but since I can't wear them to work I am leaning more towards not getting them but they are so chic!