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Tequila Anyone? (DYI)

Ok so I guess by now you realize that this is NOT a DYI to actually do your own tequila, although disappointing to some, for the1/4 of the population who ISN'T a fan of this poison (me!) I thought I should post how to use your friend's empty bottle of Tequila.
But, It cannot, and I will emphasize on this, CANNOT be any bottle of Tequila, cause not all tequilas come in such a cute vase like these...(plus I have to say..if you HAVE to do Tequila, please do a good one!)
So here it two new flower/plant vases...
I took out all the labels cause,you don't want it obvious to everyone you drank the whole bottle of tequila (and trust me that's what they will think!!)
You want them to be surprised that it IS a bottle of Tequila, and only THEN they can think you're an alcoholic!
Add a simple sprig of green, some quartz or nice stones and voila!

PS: If you guess correctly the number of times I wrote "tequila" in this post, you have a round of shots on ME!


Despina T. said...

it might not be about making tequila but it's a great post!lovely :)

Aquí said...

this is one of my favorite things to do with old tequila bottles! They're always so pretty with flowers!!

Laura said...

That's so nice :)

The Wordy Girl said...

I love this! So creative.

Karen Ussene said...

That is a great idea!