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Mexican Love & Coffee

I had to buy this everyday dress.
Some garments can really make me feel like myself.
Sometimes its really hard to explain, but there are certain pieces that
really connect with my soul
and make me feel pretty and confident.

When I went to Mexico I couldnt bring my Yerba Mate which is my daily "coffee"
So...even though this is really hard for me to do,
I decided that i should just indulge in Mexican coffee and rich authentic hot chocolate
just like the locals do!

The balcony of our Hotel was a great place place to watch the sunset
and read my favorite blogs in the morning
Nothing beats being so close to the beach
and almost tasting the saltiness in the air

But Nothing looks better than my favorite


Bohemian Babushka said...

You look so relaxed and happy. Wishing this for you always.


Isabel Garcia said...

Love the embroidery, including the colors of the embroidery on your dress!

Sofia Keck said...

I LOVE that DRESS! I will have to go to Mexico PRONTO and go get one!

Unknown said...

They are my favorite and when I get a chance to go to San Antonio I always have to come home with a few more. Te vez bella mi amor and se relax and rested. Again Happy Anniversary y que rico que se la estan pasando bien en el paraiso. Besos a los dos.

Vero said...

Beautiful amiguita.xoxo

Unknown said...

So Beautiful and I agree, you look so relaxed in that dress. Beautiful skin BTW too!

Unknown said...

love the dress!!! and it's not hard to understand how it makes you feel, I think we all have an outfit that gives us that bigger than life confidence ;-)

Anonymous said...

you look so relaxed!! I love that lil slip- it is awesome.


Olya said...

What a sweet post! Love how relaxing it is and how cute is the dress:) Thank you for visiting my blog:)

Love xxx

Unknown said...

Me encanta este vestido! You look beautiful. <3

Unknown said...

Very pretty. I really like hand made details on fabric.

Ava Tettamanti said...

LOVE your muumuu!