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Sunday Tunes

I have been extremely busy with work lately..
No time for my baby (blog)
no time for myself.

Still, since its Sunday
I wanted to share one of the most beautiful romantic videos
one of my favorites of all time.
It was the first video that made me cry.

I loved the lyrics...because i know gwen wrote this from a true
and personal experience.
Love the fashion, the scenery
I love her!

Enjoy...and remember to always
keep it cool..


Miguel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miguel said...

LOOOOOVE the video and song always reminds me you...

Sofia Keck said...

Ok I'll give it too you. You know I am not a big fan of GS as we discussed in our drive to or from GA. However, this video is very nice. :) she looks amazing.

Unknown said...

well i hear you i too have been tired and neglectful. hope i can make it up with what i have plan.