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I'm heading out to a small get together and I took a long hot shower, while a sipped some Malbec.
Today was a beautiful and easy Sunday. The skies were bright blue while it was around 67° outside.
I feel at peace. I feel confident.
I feel my femininity taking control over me tonite.
Like always, my mood choose my wardrobe.
Nude is so in right now...( well it is always in for me!) So my top from Armani, some comfy leggings, and my lacy heels will do.
I am also wearing my absolute favorite lipstick which is Nude and matte from Revlon.
Since my bangs didn't have a good day as I did, they preferred me making some braid with them.
What do you wear, when you feel pretty and delicate?


Unknown said...

Love the look.

Unknown said...

Love that top.

Unknown said...

I love you and the post but yesterday was Saturday. ;)