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Hair trouble!

If you are like me, the way your hair looks will contribute in a positive or rather negative way in how WE will look. Am I right?
I sometimes wish there would be something, anything, 
that would make my hair look shiny without having to apply some form of heat to it...
I have tried the mayo mask, the avocado mask, the coconut deep conditioner, the keratin serums..
just about everything. 
Don't take me wrong, they work and I always see the result after I either blow dried or ironed my hair. 
Oh how I wish I could let my hair dry naturally without I being afraid of people thinking I am the Real Mufasa!
I am currently using these products, however I would love to know which products 
you use that leaves your hair shiny after the shower, 
without the need of the blow drier nor the flat iron.
Come on, help this crazy lady with the mane now will ya?


Unknown said...

Coat your hair in unrefined coconut oil before shampooing.

After your shampoo and conditioner, use a few drops of argan oil. (Not the crappy stuff- I'd go with Josie Maran).

Bohemian Babushka said...

I've never seen your Mufasa look, I'm sure you look beautiful that way too. Personally, that's another plus to wearing hats... ; ) BB2U

Unknown said...

Off I hear you. I'm going through hair issues right now so I'm going to start doing the coconut oil treatment actually today. I was just talking yo my sister about this. She recommended a biotin-b12 complex supplement.

sassy britches said...

Fekkai glossing shampoo and conditioner, even when I let my hair air dry into it's big crazy mop, it's so shiny that people actually stop and comment on how shiny it is. It's ridiculously shiny! For the last 15+ years I've been using Sunglitz/Biosilk (made by Farouk, who also makes Chi) as my HG product, it's like lip balm, it goes on whether I'm using any other products that day or not. It keeps my hair from being too fluffy and frizzy (unlike argan oil, which makes my hair fluffier the more I put on, wierd).
Between/before washing, coconut oil treatments are AWESOME for hair AND scalp. If you have dandruff, for real, just slap some oil on there, let it sit for an hour or so (I bet it would work with even just 20 min, but I always get sidetracked by other chores before a shower so my oil ends up sitting on my head a good couple of hours, sometimes overnight), and after you shampoo and condition, you won't have a single flake. I friggin love coconut oil so much.