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Dreaming Everyday

Sometimes I wonder why days go by so fast
there is hardly any time to enjoy the rain pouring down or a nice hot shower running down our backs.
Does time really go fast...or is it us,
just living like zombies day after day
without really living?

                          I have always thought of myself 
as someone who truly enjoys every moment
as someone who can change the most negative and uncomfortable situation 
into a very interesting and even fun one.
Through the years
one can really forget to savor the simplest things in life
Such as pretty flowers,
sincere smiles and
terrible weather under the sheets.

This year I want to feel like I used to..
I want to live as fully as I once did,
 when there weren't so many responsibilities
so much undesired work and so unwanted stress.

I don't want to think twice
every time my body urges me to go dance in the pouring rain
like when I was a child
without thinking of the consequences and the cold that I could catch but never did.
I don't want to think twice to forgive and move on...
I don't want to think twice to say what I want to say
when I want to say it
cause tomorrow it may be too late and forever may just be too long to hold it inside.

I want to be brave.
Because just need a little miracle
 to understand that everything is worth fighting for..
that everything is worth living.
That there are no bad days 
if the ones you love breath and are able to hear your "I Love You's"
That as long as we are together
everything is possible and everyday is a dream.


Unknown said...

I'm with you! This year I want to take chances and live life! I have worked my whole life so very hard this year I want to enjoy every minute of it! Happy New Year Amiga may your little family show you the way to a lifetime of love and happiness!

Unknown said...

Yes to living a bella vida ;)

Unknown said...

Amen sista!!

Unknown said...

enjoy my friend.


beautiful pictures and great resolutions for this new year!

Veronica Cervera said...

Great posts, great pictures!
Nunca está de mal recordar todo lo que dices. El día a día a veces nos mata lo mejor de nosotros y hay que luchar por disfrutarlo.
Abrazo y buen fin de semana.

Unknown said...

Que bellas fotos!
Feliz 2014..
God Bless!

Unknown said...

2014 is the year!... You little guy is such a cutie!

S. Yissele said...

Que bello tu bebé! y que lindas fotos! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! y


Natalia Carter said...

Hermosas fotos y una mantea muy linda de comenzar el año, con positivismo!

Huppie Mama said...

What sweet pictures <3