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Outfit Post #1


Hope everyone is having a wonderful fourth day of the year...2014!!
Just a quick outfit post!
What I wore for a family dinner.
 I found this Zara dress in a Goodwill and these boots are the ones
 I used for my wedding and I LOVE them, they always make me feel pretty and dainty.
My baby Gianni wore a very masculine onesie..jeje

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Do you like thrift stores?

Have a great day everyone!!


Unknown said...

Beautiful like always. Love the fringe ruffles ...

Unknown said...

So sweet, Farah. Great outfit! :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful and I love that dress. I can't believe you score it at the thrift store. Sometimes I do not get lucky like that. Happy New Year and so nice to see you back again blogging xoxox

Unknown said...

great finds.

Unknown said...

Cuute dress! amazing the goodies you can find at the thrift stores :)