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Model Inspiration: La Wasson!

 there are a few models in the fashion industry that are really an inspiration to me...only a few and Erin Wasson is one of them. This Texas girl really gets (what I believe) is the effortless-cool-boho-urban chic look that I am always looking in order to express myself. Living in DC is kind of challenging because is a city where mostly everything is kind of "cookie cutting" style..very Banana Republic-J Crew style...somewhat boring to me, although, I love Banana Republic! I have a mission to help change that! will take me years to change the minds of all of these young politicians-Hill staffers- but, my intentions are good...simply: have fun with fashion, there are no rules; the only rule that applies to this will be: BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! Here are a few pictures from the blog The Selby where we can see her true nature, lifestyle and natural beauty. Que disfruten!


Gitanas said...

yeap!! very inspirational!

emilla said...

BUUUUU i want my room like this!!!