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Great day here in Miami!!!
Let me count the minutes, cause the past couple of days the sun lasts approximately 4 hours, then the climate changes entirely and all of a sudden your in a middle of a storm without you even being aware of it!
This is the reason why sometimes ( and should I really say, most times), I feel forced to take pictures inside.
As soon as you're getting ready to head out the door....yeap..THUNDER!
Plus, I am always by myself (poor little me!!) and I hate to bother strangers to take my photo, they will think I have model syndrome (pffffff!)
So for now, this is as good as it gets!
Have a great day everyone!!


LittleRus said...

Those photos are wonderful - would never have thought it was a self-photography thing! And how great are those shoes???!!! Love them. x

Unknown said...

That's just the Florida summer syndrome, don't worry about it, you'll be back to amazing weather in no time. Love the dress!!

Berty Morales said...

Very cute and the shoes are just fab!!!!! Love it. :)

StyleIDnet said...

I am so in love with your shoes!! beautiful ... are they from a recent collection?
Welcome to Miami! that is the 'norm' in summer :)

Unknown said...

you look super cute...self portrait is one of those things I just love.