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10 Beauty Products I Swear by

Good Morning everyone! I wanted to make a post of some of the products that I use religiously. Most of these I have discovered by accident, while others by reference. Let me start by saying that I am well aware that we are all different. We have different needs and desires in terms of hair, skin and beauty, but in my opinion they have worked in a very positive way and wanted to share them with you, cause if we cant help each other out, who will eh?

Mac Select Cover -Up
This little tiny bottle can last you, well, if I told you it lasted me a year would you believe me? I knew you wouldn't, that's why I was so hesitant to tell you, but hey, its true.
Just a tiny drop on each eye will do the trick. It is magic and covers up in a very natural way.

Ok! Here is the thing: I have good lashes,they are long enough and thick enough. Still, I have tried plenty of mascaras that promise longer and fuller lashes. I always end up regretting I didn't stick with my voluminous mascara. I always receive compliments on my lashes and trust me, with other mascaras, my lashes don't look half as long or full.

Whoever wants to jump out and say "hey! toothpaste is not a beauty product!" I will say to them "hold your horses!" If you look like a diva, but have yellow teeth and bad breath, you can forget about everything else.
This toothpaste I swear, is the BEST! It is like a mouthwash, toothpaste and whitener at the same time.
Its freshness is long lasting and once you try wont go back to your regular one.

Yes! You are reading correctly!! Sally Hansens Lip Inflation Extreme
I discovered this magical lip gloss by accident one time I was in a hurry and I saw the nice nude color and decided to try it...thank god I did that!
The gloss, the color, the taste, I love everything about this product and it plumps your lips and you really notice it! I have tried $15-$20 lip plumper and have done nothing to me.

Let me just say, I love body creams.
I love the ones from Victoria's Secret, and the ones from Bed and Body Works. Still, this one wins for the following reasons:
  1. It hydrates deep within your skin.It absorbs quickly, your skin feels hydrated but you wont have that greasy residue creams usually leave behind. Now, if you sweat, you will feel the cream coming out. 
  2. This would be the perfect cream to put on after a sunburn. It has even prevented me to peel when I go overboard taking sun. 
  3. Its large vase will last longer and it is usually cheaper than other creams. 

I must admit I have too much hair in my head to use the flat iron that often and I can be very lazy in terms of my hair, but I have always admired women that can turn their hair from curly, frizzy thick hair to silky completely straight and FLAT! I was desperate! I had used everything and I never got this result unless I went to the beauty salon, which I am so lazy for that as well.
This product will do the trick!
You just put some small amount in your towel dried hair and let your hair dry naturally. Later pass the flat iron and you will have silky smooth and straight hair...LOVE IT!
PS....and it smells soooo good!! ;))

Believe it or not, this beach bum "TRIES" to look for safer methods to suntans...I love sunbathing, but I have to admit that either I cant go to the beach every day or my conscience keeps nagging that I shouldn't continue taking sun like a teenager. Jergens Natural Glow is the only cream I have used that does not leave streaks and gives you a nice natural color with a few days of using it daily. oh and it also firms and tightens...that is never bad.

Chi Silk Infusion is a product that I use every time I finish either blow drying or after using the flat iron.It gives the extra polish and it smells so nice you will actually believe you are coming out of a beauty salon...well, at least for me :)

It has the perfect amount of Hydroquinone (2%) that helps erase dark spots caused by age, sun and even surgery but it wont irritate like a higher does could. I also put it on my elbows ;)

Not only it comes in this huge container that will last approximately 5 months or more, now the conditioner comes in a smaller one which is very convenient because I always finished the shampoo first and then was left with 1/8 of conditioner floating around. At $25 for both I find its a very good prize.
It does not make my hair greasy or dull, It's just PERFECT!

Do you have any beauty products that you can swear by?
I would love to add some to my list!
Have a lovely day!


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Very interesting to see your secret weapons! haha


anyaadores said...

I wish we could buy these things here, but Denmark allows next to nothing in (if it isn't natural etc etc - it's not welcome here) so the stuff we have costs the world. Will look around for these - thanks for sharing hon,
A xx

Unknown said...

I LOOOOVE the Voluminous mascara as well. For the sunless tan I love Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion, it's the only one that would not make me look orange and just one use already shows a nice color, at least on my skin color. I have tried many, believe me, gotta keep up with the "island girl" thing and this one is the best. Is not a body lotion like the one you use (which I also have) so you would have to keep your skin moisturized in between uses but it's still great.

Lauren&Pierre said...

i def want to get the paul mitchal shampoo xx L

gentsomemagazine said...

Nice blog...i follow you too :D


The Make Up Fairy said...

Great post lovely :) xxx

Despina T. said...

Lovely choices my dear!
i am tempted to use the lip gloss!!!!i've never tried that brand :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you with the Voluminous Mascara, I tried other and always come back to buy Voluminous....and the Mac cover up!! the best!!

ChiccaStyle said...

WOW,interesting post!!!I use the same shampoo and conditioner,love Paul Mitchell's products!
Happy weekened!

Cátia said...

hi sweeties, thank you ;) I'm following back!
can you like it also with your facebook page?

it's the "eyes.catis" picture here

I really apreciate your help :) tell me the link of your Facebook for me to follow ;)