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Best Friends Last a Lifetime ( IFB Project #8 )

Its incredible how fortunate I have been...having these wonderful people around for so long (some of them almost 20yrs!!).
Hairstyles come and go....wrinkles and greys pop out of nowhere.
They have been next to me when times are tough...but they sure know how to party HARD!
Every single minute I spend with these friends is amazing...I treasure them all.
These are my BEST OF FRIENDS.
and I feel proud of each and every single one of here they are.
Let's do a standing ovation please!
(yeap, being my friend is nothing easy...behind this angelic smile is a real tough cookie ;)


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Cute collage!

Alexandra said...

lovely <3

alexandra @

Anonymous said...

d'aw absolutely adorable post!

XO Sahra