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I am so excited to own a fur faux coat from Mickael Kors!
I know what your thinking, "hey but you live in Miami, right??"
Well peeps let me say we can have our fair share of cold weather down here...and no, its never gonna be freezing like in Chicago for example (although I did freeze my @ss off last January on my birthday!! it was almost 50 degrees!)
Anyway, that is pretty cold for an island girl like myself you know..(so stop laughing!)
Back to the coat...ahhh I just love it!!!
Plus I found it at Ross so I bought it for $80 :)))
In this post I'm wearing one of my favorite Steve Madden booties...and the red sox was an inspiration from Band of Outsiders Fall 2011.
Hot or cold, rain or sunshine...I am planning to wear this coat..A LOT!


Aquí said...

you wear red lipstick very very well! I'm loving this vest! I would love to find one like it but I'm pretty sure that would NOT work in my current location :(

Katie said...

great find! and look at those lips– you are rocking that red. there is always an excuse to wear a new purchase, do it!

--instead of an elephant

Raquel C. said...

It is great !!

BeSugarandSpice said...

Que bonito es el chaleco.Besos!!

julianne. said...

faux is the way to go.
it is so beautiful.
i love michael kors so much. <3

Unknown said...

you go girl! rock it!!!

Unknown said...

Fabulous and fur is my new obsession too and I can't wait for this weather to get wear it needs to be so I can rock it. Great post and you should wear red lips more often...You rock them well.... ;)

Monica Kosasih said...

woww your fur coat is adorable,you look so stunning dear :D

oystergirl said...

loving the lipstick and the vest. very bold!


Lucija said...

I think you're a really talented blogger your blog is so pretty and every single post I've seen is so beautifully done.
(& I would love you to check my blog dear :))


Plami said...

I absolutely love fur as well and this is Michael Kors which makes it even better! And I also love your beautiful red lipstick!