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Sunny Day

I really dont know how to dress anymore in this city...
Sometimes its hot as in Summer and other times there is a chilly breeze reminding me that Christmas is just around the corner.
But hey, I am always up for some relaxed, flowy garments such as this cute top and some sandals.
Ah well, I always wear whatever the hell I want anyways.
I love fashion and trends but ultimately, it's all about what I like...period.
Hasta luego gitanas!


Anonymous said...

Me gusta todo el outfit....super comoda!! I love the ring!!!

Unknown said...

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I like your stile !
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have a wonderful day

Audrey. said...

I wish I could wear summer dresses too ;((
Lovely blog,how about follow each other?I'm following!

Federico Panarello said...

adorable look...amazing!!!

danielle said...

i think i have that nail polish. sally hansen?

danielle said...

i knew it! i love the brush too! it's the easiest polish to use! there is one pic where you can actually see the collar. it's impossible with a shirt that dark! following you back!