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Like Mother Like Daughter

I had to make a post about Mom...
I know that my mom laughs a little at me when she sees me posing for my posts..oh yeah mom! I know you do!
So.....I decided to steal some of her pictures back in the day and show the world that SHE did the same!
I think my mom would've been a fashion Blogger just like me...
Who's laughing now huh??
Right back at ya!
( look so HOT on these...whew!)


PAPS said...

She is gorgeous. You look like her and I love those olden day photos.

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Oh wow... She is so beautiful and every photo is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing them. x

Unknown said...

Bella Farah! Ya veo que tienes aquien salir! Hay algunas poses que haz hecho that now I see from where you got them from! Beautiful post y besos para ti y tu mami!

Maria Tettamanti said...

Wow! Hot mama!