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The beach awaits...I wish a beer would as well, but I can't drink beer on the sun: I end up with a migraine that sends me to bed.
Anyways...I wish I did though
I tend to associate cold beers with a day at the beach, with the sun kissing my skin and surrounded by lots of friends.
A typical Saturday for me back in Puerto Rico a "couple" years back.
Today, I'm going to make believe I took a time shuttle back to the past;
 back to those days when daytime meant beach
and nighttime meant PARTY!
what are you up to this weekend?


Unknown said...

ah so true, weekends in Puerto Rico are spent at the beach. What nice memories.

Unknown said...

I wish I was in Isla Verde with you

Stevie J said...

You know I was the original beach party master. We had some good times. Fond memories of my ladies ( the Cubana, G-Class, Lima and Arah!!!!. I think a reunion is in order.

Living la Vida Blogging said...

1. who's beer are you holding then?
2. I don't like that hat
3. Dang girl is that you in a bikini? wow! you look amazing (very little and far away) but amazing!

I love the beach, next time we hit MIA for sure we have to go!

Unknown said...

Beautiful picture of you, Farah. And I love the hat! Tambien ando en la playa. It's been a gorgeous weekend in the upper 70s. My son and perrito are running circles around me. Miss you. xo