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Chocolate in Overalls

There is NOTHING more comforting than to eat chocolate.
Its food for the soul.
And when I want to feel comfortable, girly and careless ...I wear my overalls.


Ivy said...

I LOVE your blouse:) and I agree, chocolate is the best medicine:)

Unknown said...

My fav are dove dark chocolates. yummy

niels said...

and there is nothing better than a pair of well worn overalls if you wish to have fun and enjoy life all over !:)

Gretchen said...

Totally cute!

Bohemian Babushka said...

BB's curves don't do overalls...but they definitely do chocolate!!!

; )


Misspeony said...

very nice!
visit my blog, we can follow each others!!

Living la Vida Blogging said...

The blouse is super cute. Now the overalls...Are they pants or shorts?

Unknown said...

Love the outfit even the overalls.

A girl named Nydia said...

Such a cute top, love your overalls <3