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Gitana Years

Yesterday while I worked on my blog design my hubby and I found these
old photos when we used to live in Argentina.
Photos of great moments
moments with the best of friends

A few of my best friends came to Argentina for my wedding and to get a grasp of the country
who was keeping this gitanas least for what it seemed like a good couple of years.

Limari and I at the Pink House

It brought me happiness but I felt nostalgic at the same time.
My friends are far away...
and there is no big event coming up
to give us an excuse to meet again.


AutismWonderland said...

Gorgeous photos! I like the new layout too :)


Unknown said...

layout looks good. the header as well. =)

Sofia Keck said...

The header is where it's at! Chiqui-wow-Chiqui-wow-wow! I can't stop staring at your behind ;) cute layout!

Unknown said...

You guys are the cutest couple.

Gretchen said...

I really enjoyed that trip to Argentina and being part of such an important moment in your life. I remembered when you called my and said: "friend, im going to Argentina".

Changed your life forever! Happy for you and that wondeful experience. Abrazo. G

Fashion Fab News said...

Hahaha que cutie!!
La ultima is the best forever ever

Unknown said...

Beautiful post and love the photos.

Unknown said...

You're adorable in pigtails. :-)