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Heading to Mexico

We are heading to Playa del Carmen Mexico for a week to celebrate our 6th year anniversary.
This would be the first time after being married that we have a vacation like this: 
No family members, just us two.
We are beyond excited
I want to rediscover my husband in so many ways.
ways I continue to believe  impossible on a daily basis.
I want to forget our present for just a while...
forget our responsibilities...for a while...
forget what we need to do
to fulfill our dreams
to accomplish our goals

I just want to be as we are without the daily rush and buzz...
just a couple of souls
in harmony...
just for a while
So i leave you now...just for a while
with our wedding song!
Wish me a great one!


Unknown said...

Que disfruten muchisimo y hagan bellos recuerdos. xo

Unknown said...

Enjoy my love.