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Pumkin Patch

Halloween is just around the corner and 
this is the first time in a long time
that I feel completely thrilled!
There is something about having a child
that makes you feel the excitement of 
all the holidays!
You start to feel the same way you used to
when you were a kid.
The rush of getting dressed up for Halloween with your friends,
 knocking on neighbors doors for candy and toys,
feeling the creepy air and hearing the "boooohs"
Gosh it was fun!

I am planning to enjoy every holiday with my baby boy.
I want him to have fun in life.
I want him to feel happy from the inside,
no matter what is happening outside.
To find the cool side of things,
the small things
that make our life a little more bearable.
Like the sweet candy we receive on Halloween.
Have a great one!

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