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My Personal Promises for 2015

Everyone says this year has flown by…
I can’t say I agree nor disagree.
This was my first year as a mom and that brought many challenges, which made this year sometimes feel endless.
However, waking up to a slightly bigger, smarter, cuter baby every single day makes me think it flew by.

Today is the last day of that year.
Instead of resolutions, I want to make some promises to myself. Promises that I will fight to keep them.

I will love and accept each part of my wonderful body. My body was able to conceive and carry a child for nine months. My body was able to feed my child for a year. My body lets me go to places that my eyes had only seen on movies and TV. I will embrace it.

I will accept my limitations. I will accept all the parts of me that people criticize. I will understand that people always want more from everyone and that their need for me being perfect does not match my need. I know I can never reach that. I am OK with that, so I will learn to accept those areas where people insist on pointing out at me as some sort of “defect” because I know, those are the things that make me who I am and make me special. I want to meet MY Standards as a great human being, not others.

I will invest more in me. I want to learn new things, I want to read more books, I want to know more.

I will leave what happened in 2014 where it belongs: in 2014. I will start my year fresh. This one will undoubtly be the hardest one for me. I tend to have a very good memory in terms of situations that happen to me and mark me in some way, but I will aim to Ctrl-Alt-Del as soon as those painful, hurting memories come to mind, and if I find this too hard I will aim to at least not remember them with pain or anger in my heart.

That is all. Short and sweet, yet not easy. So I receive this New Year with plenty on my hands.
May this year bring you happiness, health, love and life!
Those are the only true things that matter the most. And the only things I wish 2015 brings to me and my loved ones. Happy 2015!
Much Love,


Fabi Borges said...

Excelente! Asi es.. Siempre hacia adelante... Te quiero y q Dios continue bendiciendolos! Happy New Year!

Marcelo said...


Gitanas said...

Y yo a ti amiga, loca por ver tu baby!!

Gitanas said...

Te amo